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Reconstructing the World With Flickr

As of September 2010, Flicker hosted 5 billion images with 3,000 uploaded each minute.  Facebook hosts even more. These massive photo sharing systems provide an ever growing imagery dataset that could be used to reconstruct real world scenes in 3D.  In recent years, researchers have been processing images from these sites using computer vision techniques […]

Enabling Interactive Concert Experiences With Smartphones

During any concert today, fans are actively using their mobile devices. They are taking photos and videos, sending text messages, posting tweets, and updating their Facebook status. Using mobile apps like those from Ustream and Qik, a few are even live streaming the show. Taking note of this behavior, a compelling opportunity exists to use […]

Siri and the Emergence of the Virtual Personal Assistant

Computing pioneers Vannevar Bush, J.C.R. Licklider, and Doug Engelbart envisioned computers as a way to extend the human mind’s capabilities. Their ideas proposed that by delegating a portion of our tasks to computing systems, we could more effectively manage the increasing complexity of our lives. In 1997, I attended a brilliant presentation by wearable computing […]