Augmented Reality Business Card

  • A person’s business card is printed with a special marker.
  • Webcam owners can visit a website, hold up the card, and view a special message from the card owner’s video avatar.
  • Developed using the FLARToolkit

Experience it Yourself!

  • Follow the instructions below the video.

Do you have a webcam?

  • If so, you can try it out.
  • First, print out this marker (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).
  • Plug in your webcam
  • Once the application starts, allow flash to access your camera when it asks, and hold the printed symbol in front of the webcam

Click Here to Begin

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  1. Raz says:

    Hey there,
    I just came across your youtube video and your AR businesscards. I got a question on that one, since I as a student work on an AR project. How did you guys get the transparent background in your inserted video? I tried to do it using after effects and chroma keying, but this just left me with a black background.
    I would appreciate it if ya could help me with this. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,

  2. Iam interested in AR but Iam more of a musician and an artist.
    It will mean a world to me if you can design an AR Business card for me for my use.Iam a singer song writer composer producer of songs using sanskrit lyrics ancient over 5000yrs old mantras and mix them with real sounds of Rivers like ganga and real sounds of birds to make it real for listeners.I then used this to make Prana Nidra silent yoga meditation for busy professionals and creative people whose mind is restless and unable to sleep as it is thinking of creativity all the time.Prana Nidra meditation is a technique where I make the listeners to meditate without their knowlege and give them that peace and make their mind not to think of anything and many even sleep.Its for 3mnts and 7 mnts one can do any where any time.

    I can email you my business card and request you if you can make one AR Business card for me.I will be your marketing guy ensuring the world knows about you.
    Iam fron india with marketing back ground now in USA.

    Thank you for reading this note.

    Prana Kishore
    Wisconsin USA

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